ANANYABIRLABusinessperson and Artist

"One of the most striking artists on the international pop scene."

“This popstar means business.”

“Not only is she incredibly talented musically - a self-taught santoor and guitar player - she is also fervent female and mental health advocate.”

“An integral part of her nation's music history.”

“Ananya is setting the bar high.”

An acute businessperson, Ananya Birla's ventures span across industries. Her leadership style revolves around transparency, empathy and hard work.

Ananya Birla Foundation promotes a kinder, happier, equal, stigma-free world, where no conversation is taboo. One of the key imperatives of the foundation is to make mental health mainstream. Its grant program works across a wide spectrum from helping over half a million kids have access to mid day meals to facilitating surgeries for acid attack survivors amongst other initiatives.

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Ananya Birla co-founded Mpower, to empower individuals with mental health issues and their families by creating awareness and alleviating stigma, advocating for prevention, fostering education and providing mental health services in India.

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